Modular Partitions

Managing space is a task, but creating the right mood and building pride in the space is always a challenge. This is where we come in

Vetro Partizione brings you a versatile Space Management System of Italian Design. It is a series of Demountable Partitions to serve your needs of:

  • World Class Aesthetics
  • Bringing your Creativity to reality
  • Unmatched quality
  • Maximum utilization of space
  • Sustainable Green Products that are reusable
  • Economy

There are more than a hundred and fifty options and combinations that enable you to have exactly what you want.

Vetra Partizione is an entity that brings you Italian Designed Space Management System by:

  • Designers and Technocrats having more than 35 years of experience in Materials and Systems in the manufacturing of Interior products.
  • State of Art manufacturing facility with German & Italian machines and plant.
  • A highly qualified and experienced team of installers to deliver quality at your doorstep.
  • A large choice of options to bring your ideas to reality and suit your budgets.

The Salient Features are:
ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE – Sealed joint ensures good acoustic performance up to 50 db
MODULARITY – Modular design ensures speedy installation / modification without affecting business.
ENERGY SAVING – Reduces load on HVAC, reduction in lighting costs
SUSTAINABILITY – Designed for 90% reuse, can earn additional points in LEED Certification. This is enhanced by increase in savings of energy through HVAC and Lighting
ECONOMY – Innovative partition system that offers more than 50 options, economically.