UPVC Windows

uPVC windows are the newest option for fenestration. They are changing the way we look at windows as they have some very valuable capabilities:

Thermal Properties –

There are clear advantages to using uPVC, as insulation values are far superior to aluminium, steel and in most cases timber. This leads to major saving in air-conditioning cost.

Noise Reduction –

Unlike wood and Aluminium windows, uPVC windows are factory made, with strict control on quality and elimination of gaps through which sound transmission is minimized. Additionally, with proper insertion of steel reinforcement and gaskets, rattling in high winds is eliminated. This ensures a peaceful ambience.

Security –

uPVC windows are reinforced with steel inserts and there are no shrinkage gaps for anchoring of levers by vandals. Additionally, steel grills can be integrated in the window frame for added security against break-ins.

Insects –

uPVC windows come with built in screens that bring in fresh air, not insects, ensuring a peaceful and healthy sleep.

Cost –

They have a smaller life time cost, due to the energy efficiency, low maintenance and durability properties. The initial cost is also not much higher than other good options.

Maintenance –

uPVC never rots, flakes, rusts, fades, pits, peels or corrodes. uPVC needs only a light soapy wash and a check of the seals for maintenance. No repainting costs too.

Quality & Expertise –

Most uPVC window suppliers, both manufacture and instal, so cost is reduced and you have a better chance quality and after sales service.

Aesthetics –

There are few constraints to get the desired finish. With colour stabilisers, laminates and the ability to spray the frame with technology borrowed from the automotive industry; wood grain texture and any colour imaginable are now possible, subject to a minimum order quantity. An added bonus is the recent ability to have a different look internal to external, so it can fit into the look of the street while inside it can be as individual as your taste dictates. The eye catching features now stand out.

Environmental impact –

uPVC has minimal impact all the way through its life cycle with the least energy footprint as compared to other material and is totally recyclable. It is also light weight making for less transport costs.

Chemical resistance -

uPVC is a stable material so is pollution, sea water resistant and chemical proof. This makes for greater ageing resistance.

Fire resistance –

Fire tests have shown that uPVC materials, being naturally flame retardant throughout their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire and are in fact self-extinguishing.

UV Sunlight –

Adding anti-oxidants and other stabilizers make uPVC windows resistant to sunlight. The reason most uPVC colour is white is because it aids reflection of UV, thereby reducing heat build-up. Wood is also affected by UV and regular maintenance must be done to combat the ageing effect of the sun.

Hardware (locks and handles) –

Apart from standard hardware, a big feature for uPVC windows is the multipoint–tilt and turn hardware as it gives the option to change from a sash window to a vertical tilting window.

Custom built –

uPVC is manufactured to custom size so easy to fit to any shaped openings and can be profiled to Architects or clients’ pleasing shapes. Also in-between the glass a moving blind can be placed to help control the sun.