Industrial Doors

Sectional Doors:

nuCON’s sectional doors are top-of-the-line high R-Value doors, designed exclusively for the Commercial and Industrial sectional overhead door customers. It is constructed using foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation which creates a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient. Each Model is secured with standard galvanized steel hinges. The interior skin of each section has two continuous horizontal reinforcing strips. The section joint is thermally broken and chemically bonded with a pressure-sensitive adhesive sealant. An EPDM rubber weather seal further enhances the performance of the joint.

High Speed Doors:

The extensive range of draught-excluding solutions is used in just about every industry. The door version is therefore greatly dependent on its particular use and the conditions in which it is to operate. Our standard range offers solutions for most situations. Should you have special requirements we can supply custom-made solutions in consultation with you.

Loading Bays:

Our loading equipment allows optimizing logistic operations. nuCON offers a wide range of technical solutions for safe and efficient cargo flow between vehicle and warehouse. nuCON loading equipment is used in docks, places where cargo is to be moved from one level or floor to another. It provides good weather sealing and keeps temperature in premises. Warehouses, factories and customs and logistics terminals are the main users of loading equipment.

Hangar Doors:

nuCON has also started marketing Hangar doors which adhere to global standards. The dedicated design team at our principals would help in designing, engineering and manufacturing these doors for our customers.

Hinged Doors:

nuCON offers planners and developers a wide range of products of modern fire-resistant and multi-purpose doors. Our strengths include integrated property solutions, for which we offer innovative doors that are proven in practice. We are associated with one of Europe’s leading system providers of doors and frames and our products are manufactured by the latest technology. Out products not only meet very high standards of quality; we also combine extensive functionality with attractive design.