nuCON now introduces, an economical range of Safe, Hygienic and Environmentally responsible, modular labour houses for the accommodation of temporary labour as is found in the construction and other project and installation Industries. These houses are made of a steel frame that can be installed and dismantled in a very short period, with the help of semi skilled labour. The unique features of these houses are:

  • Low lifetime cost that brings in economy. Reusability is the touchstone.
  • Easy and economical to install, dismantle and transport.
  • Modular in construction, so gives flexibility is setting up labour camps.
  • Safety from fire. There is no wood used, so possibility of catching and propagating fire is
  • eliminated. This is meant to relieve you of tension.
  • Well planned ventilation through space above the lintel level, eliminating hot and stale air, naturally.
Danger: How fast can a fire spread! Watch the timer.

These houses are available in a module of 3m X 3m. The width can be either 3m with a single slope for the roof or 6m with double slope. The length can be any multiple of 3ms.

These houses can also be modified internally, so that it is possible to have independent rooms of 3m X 3m or have bigger space for dormitories, stores, shops etc.

A lot of add on functions and accessories are also available to enhance the utility of space and cost, such as:

  • Luggage racks.
  • Arrangement for bunk beds.
  • Window opening frames for stores and shop counters.
  • Cordon for bathing area.