Movable Walls

Futura Duvale MOVABLE WALLS & SLIDING FOLDING PARTITIONS, a UK based company provide solution to the quest for effective management of business spaces.

The flexibility of the system allows for a rapid reconfiguration of independent spaces that will meet demanding acoustic and structural requirements.

Futura Duvale walls comes in a wide variety of construction, material, finishes and choices to meet all your needs for flexible business space management needs.

Created to respond to the need for dynamic resizing of administrative and/or multi-usage spaces. Futura Duvale walls are available in three versions, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic movable walls.

The Outstanding Feature is:

  • Provides Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Modular design ensures speedy installation / modification without affecting business.
  • Making space work more productively.
  • Fire Rated Options.