Access floors


Networking and data cabling require a large number of cables across offices. Immediate and easy access is paramount for quick maintenance. A server room in any BPO/IT facility is the place where all data cables and wires converge. Such areas require access floors offered by nuCON. Similar requirements are of plant control rooms in process industries.

These panels are strong modular panels of size 600mmx600mm, made of 2 layers of steel, with the hollow core filled with cementitious material. The steel plates are spot welded at more than 50 points. The top layer has an antistatic decorative laminate, whereas the bottom is epoxy powder coated. The edges of the tiles are sealed with PVC edge beading. The tiles perfectly sit on a steel pipe structure which is fitted on an adjustable jack placed at every 600mm center to center. lt is possible to have access floors from 150mm to 1200mm height depending upon customer requirements.