nuCON introduces Vetro partitions – the right choice for Glazed partitions.
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About nuCON

nuCON is the leading company providing services and consultancy in the field of Commercial and Industrial Interiors.

nuCON represents a large number of principals for products, in the field of interiors, including World leaders in their products.

Over the last 35 years the nuCON team has developed a tremendous amount of goodwill due to an unwavering focus on customers.

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Why nuCON

nuCON is the market leader in the field of interior solutions due to these strengths:

  • 35 years of strong industry experience.
  • Strong knowledge base of a wide range of products.
  • Expertise in application and end use of the products.
  • Backed up by a dedicated team of project directors and executives

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Team Nucon

nuCON’s core management team is of a closely knit group of experienced professionals, who are ably supported with a second line of managers. Each member of the team, specialises in a specific domain of design and execution of projects.
This core team is amply supported by a large number of experts from various domains. Thus every step of the entire project is planned and co-ordinated.

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News & Events

nuCON is now the implementation partner for vetro PARTIZIONE, manufacturers of Modular Partitions of Italian Design.

nuCON has been at the forefront of training their labour. A joint training and certification programme was organized with Ramco Industries Ltd. for their Hilux installation, to enhance the quality of service to the industry. About 30 labourers were trained.